Windmill Farm Flash Animation

This next Flash animation is about clean energy sources, renewable energy, green technology. It represents windmill farm. Animated elements are windmills themselves, but also clouds are moving in same direction and with slightly different speed to create realistic effect.

File is suitable for ecology and related blogs and websites, various presentation projects, etc. This Flash file is free to use in non-commercial projects. Uploaded zip archive contains 6 Kb Windmill Farm Flash Animation and readme.txt file with more information about the file.

Windmill Farm Flash Animation is inspired by one of the posts from March this year Free Flash Windmill Simulation File (downloaded over 400 times). Leave comment with your thoughts and suggestions.

Animation image preview:

Windmill Farm Animation preview

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  1. Great work. This animation can use to some presentation that talks about economy, natural resources and environment. Thanks for sharing it to us!

    Cris | Flash Animation Philippines


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