29 March 2009

Windmill Simulation - Free Flash File

Windmill simulation file is good in educational purposes, but also can find its place in any green technologies related project, website or blog.

Simple to use, press '-' control to lower wind speed and '+' sign to make windmill rotate faster. Light bulb is glowing according to amount of energy provided by windmill.

keywords: windmill, wind generator, green, ecology, technology, energy, simulation.

More free Flash files on downloads page



Dani said...

I'm curious as to how this windmill works. I'm making a project exactly like this. Could you provide me with you email so you could show me some of the code? I'm having a problem with my windmill rotating crazily!

flanture said...

Hi Dani,

I'm glad you are interested in my Windmill Simulation project. Contact via flanture {at} gmail


Rachel said...

I am doing a project like this and am wondering if you could show me the code you used to do this or if you could refer me to place that could teach me something like this. It would be a great help if you could

flanture said...

hi Rachel, contact me via: flanture{at}gmail{dot}com. Include your source if possible.



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