Old Flanture will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Back in 2007 Flanture has started as two separate blogs. This one is, as you might already know, more about ActionScript, Flash and Flex stuff. The other blog has actually started in January 2007, three months before this one, but it was intended from beginning for Flash games related stuff and just a little bit of flashlite.

Things have changed in the meantime and since I have few new projects going on and time is most valuable asset I decided to pull the plug for my Blog.com hosted blog. This means I will port some of posts here, but not in original state. Posts will be rewritten and updated, so you can expect some Flash games related code here.

Btw, Blog.com home page has changed recently and I find out they moved to WordPress, but right now it seems nothing is working as it should. I couldn't even publish my farewell post and my blogroll section is gone even though on dashboard it is marked as visible.

Free Flash Clocks projects is doing just fine. I have managed to publish 20 clocks in 20 days, as I promised to myself, one clock per day. Today's special clock is honoring King of pop Michael Jackson. I didn't do much marketing except on Twitter and few other blogs but I plan to do it besides starting with custom clocks.

flash related blog preview

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