Manipulating Shapes Using Bone Tool in Flash CS4

Bone Tool in Flash CS4 can be used in various ways to create IK effects with animations, but also you can use this powerful tool to manipulate shapes. Here is quick tutorial on how to do it.

Create new Flash AS3 file. Go to Insert - new symbol or CTRL+F8 to create new movie clip. Give it some name or leave default, it doesn't matter.

Select Polystar Tool and draw single pentagon shape on Stage. Now, select Bone Tool from tool box or press X on keyboard. You will create 5 bones all starting from the center of pentagonal shape all the way to shape vertices like image shows.

Now, you have noticed new Armature layer and that's what will work on next. We have to introduce some new armature positions, so right click on frame 10 and select insert pose. Use selection tool (V) to move bones around. Continue to do same thing on frames 20, 30, etc.

Finally when you think you have enough changes, move for another 10 frames and insert another pose. Now, you can actually copy and past different poses with right click on specific armature frame, but you will need a lot of patience to make this operation work. Paste first pose onto last armature frame.

When you are done, go back to do Scene 1 and from library drag and drop movie clip instance on the Stage. That's it, test your movie.

This is just one simple example on how to use bone tool to manipulate shapes in Flash CS4, but that's enough for you see how incredible effects can be achieved with just playing around with new Flash tools.


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