to widget or not to widget

  What about using a widget on your website/blog? First of let's see what is widget. Wikipedia defines widget or web widget as a portable chunk of code (flash or javascript) that can be installed and executed within separate HTML-based web page without additional compilation. Other terms are gadgets, badge, module, capsule, etc. widgetbox, widgets marketplace, says that widgets are every html code or flash that can be integrated in web page.

 This definitions are quite loose. Everything can be a widget. What if I have flash based web site, and I insert some game on it, is that a widget? Or just another page? If my website is made in frames, than one frame is widget? In that case, every counter you entered on your website represents one widget. I can recognize twitter badge or "box" as widgets, but I'm still searching for right definition of it. Maybe flash widget should be known as fladgets. Cool name.

I can't imagine my blog without them. (Ok, I can, but this way is muuuuch better) So, how many of them is ok? If they have correct purpose within blog or website, if they display informations or give content that is useful or can contribute in better functionality of web site than using widget is fine. But if one puts x number of widgets on blog or website, just because they exist, he downgrades his blog.

 To answer the question in my title: to widget, but properly.

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