project tracker v0.5

ApolloApps already have 23 apollo applications, many of them free to use, and one of them is Project Tracker v0.5 by Jacob Wright. He and his company are somewhere from Utah, as google maps on site shows. Highly interactive. We are talking about , but they are not yet open for business.

However, Project Tracker is built with apollo and you must have runtime to see application. I'm writing about it, cause I noticed that this application is perfect for bloggers. If you wanna be pro blogger or you already are one, this is nice app to work with. You can enter your every blog as client, and than every future post is new project. You have timer, calendar built in, and stopwatch. Using project tracker in this way gives you advantage in organizing your posting schedules.

Every pro blogger wanna be can save some time with Project Tracker and it is only v0.5. Can't wait for v1.

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