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This news ticker is just a little bit different. It can be hidden between others
page flash elements, but on button press, it becomes wider, and news are displayed.
There is small animation guilty for this effect. News string comes from xml file.
You can download zipped swf and example xml (4Kb) on this address:


This is created on first hand, but can be converted to component, later.
It should have some nice skin, different transition effects, maybe 2 or
more rows of data with more colors, etc. I'm making todo list for next version.
I know this ticker is everywhere and it is easy to make it, but this one is
done by me, and I like it :)

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  1. not a valid link...plz provide valid link


  2. thanks for reporting bad link, I don't know what happened, file is on the server.

    Here is another one:
    hidden ticker



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