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Flanture is proud to present next flash project, Comics Album.

Album is simple but useful. It uses flash power to include dynamic content loaded from any xml file and combine it with already done comic image pages. Comic is usually separated in pages, and every page has different text clouds. This Album shows pages one by one. It has two navigation buttons. Main characteristic is that text can be changed from xml file, but also and text font, color, size. Xml file contain text clouds for every page.

Comic Album is great way to separate graphics from text in your comic creations. Text can be modified dynamicaly, font, it's size and color. Let's see how to use it. This is how looks like part of xml file that describes one comic page:

< page purl="page1.jpg" tboxn="1">

< tbox posx="420" posy="220" bw="300" bh="100" txt="Third text box!" fnt="Verdana" fnts="26" fc="0x000000" />

So, what we have here? Parametars for one comic page are:
purl - page url
tboxn - number of text boxes (clouds)

Parametars for one text box are:
posx - x position of text box
posy - y position of text box
bw - box width
bh - box height
txt - text
fnt - font face
fnts - font size
fc - font color (hexadecimal numbers)

That's it ! Simple, but nice. If you are interested in using Comics Album, please leave comment.

download: here

I have posted on several forums that I'm looking for partner to help with my comics flash album. For better presentation I want someone who has nice artistic skills and who wants to present his/hers work. Any comics author who provide several interesting comic pages will get free promotion. I'm not offering any money. This is about collaboration and partnership.

You can contact me here (leave a comment) or at flanture [at] gmail [dot] com. Please, remember that comics album is work in progress, so I hope it will be better in every new version in the future.

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