Python exercise : Find number of vowels in given string

Python exercise


Episode: 2 
Level: Beginner 

If you have any given string like S="Hello World" write Python 3 function which returns number of vowels in that string.

S="Hello World"
Vowels are a, e, i, u, o

function totalVowels(str):
    # your code here

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You can also, instead of using predefined string, let user type any string. How would you do that?

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First solution is to use for loop.

 L = ["a","e","i","o","u"]  
 s = "Hello World"  
 s = s.lower()  
 counter = 0  
 for i in range(len(s)):  
   if s[i] in L:  
     counter += 1  
 print("Your string has "+ str(counter)+" vowels.")  

A bit more elegant solution which executes faster is to use list comprehensions.

 def totalVowels(str):  
   counter=[l for l in str.lower() if l in vowels]  
   return len(counter)  
 print("Your string has " + str(totalVowels("Hello World")) + " vowels.")  

Thank you.

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