Free ebook - Programming and Animation Tutorials

Back in 2010 I published an ebook.

It was 102 pages collection of 40+ tutorials from this blog. Mostly stuff like ActionScript coding and Flash animations. I didn't edit any of the tutorials, I just copied and paste the tutorials in Microsoft Word and converted to PDF.

I've made simple cover and decided to do some self-publishing.

free tutorials book cover

I managed to sell around 150 copies of it. Not much, but effort was paid.

Posting it here for free just for historical reasons.

Even though Flash is long time dead some code can be easily converted to JavaScript, which I already did with some of the tutorials. You can find them in JavaScript section of the blog.

List of all tutorials

1. AS3 Random Star Field Animation

2. How to split ActionScript Array in two or more

3. Flash Tutorial : How to create vertigo animation

4. Simple AS3 Data Structure - part II

5. Simple AS3 Data Structure

6. Using BitmapSplit function with Tweener

7. How to start with PaperVision3D

8. AS3: Dynamic Bitmap Split Function

9. Running Flex 4 SDK and FlashDevelop

10. Energy Bar Flash Game AS3 Tutorial

11. Using Deco Tool in Flash CS4 (Vine Fill)

12. Improved Spiderweb AS3.0 Class

13. Coding spiderwebs in ActionScript3.0

14. Pyramids using AS3 drawing API

15. ActionScript3.0 Triangle Class

16. Understanding shearing using Matrix object

17. HowTo create Flash video captions using Subtitle Workshop

18. AS3.0 preloader part II : adding transparency

19. AS3.0 Flash Preloader With Moving TextField

20. Level Timer code explained

21. How To Create Flash Game Level Timer

22. Curves and Fills with AS3 Drawing API

23. Flash AS3 Star System Simulation Tutorial

24. AS3 Loading Animation Tutorial

25. AS3 Drawing API examples

26. ActionScript Random Number Generator With Blur Effect

27. Manipulating Shapes Using Bone Tool in Flash CS4

28. Create Flash Banner Using FuseKit Simple Tutorial

29. Using ActionScript Point class distance method for constant speed
moving in roadMap function

30. Maui Flash Zoom Tool

31. Flash Pixel Explosion Tutorial

32. It's never to late (shuffle AS function + more)

33. Free FLV to WMV Conversion

34. Object Movement Functions

35. Tiled Flash Backgrounds Tutorial PART II

36. Tiled Flash Backgrounds Tutorial PART I

37. Making Zoom Tool with Masking in Flash

38. Flash Tutorial : Rain Effect

39. Flash Scale Menu Explained

40. Simple Flex Effects Example

41. Math2 ActionScript functions

42. Custom Gradients Flash Tutorial

43. Code for scale menu

44. Simple Event Mechanism Flash Tutorial

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