Making charts with Three.js

If you are someone who makes presentations and data visualizations on daily basis, you will be pleasantly surprised to see your static charts come alive using Three.js JavaScript library.

Actually, you don't even need to do any coding, because, like most things today, someone has already done that for you. So, visit threegraphs website and start making your awesome charts right now.

How it works? Choose one of the options for your new chart.

Let me show you how to get Bar Chart, others are similar. Click on Edit button (you have only two buttons available export and edit) and enter some data, like I did on image bellow. Choose chart Title, something like Sales or similar. Choose background color and text colors. Use green plus buttons to add new columns and rows. Enter values. Finally click on Generate Chart. 

That's it, your chart is ready. Now, you can export it as image or embed it within your website using iFrame. Here is my example, use mouse to move around.

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