Educational Games and 2D Animation

This blog exists for more than 6 years now, which is by all standards very long. Last two years, however, due to huge changes around Flash and web development there was very low activity here, if any. Some other things prevail and I just couldn't find courage to end it. 

However, things changed again recently and I'm moving this blog towards new more sustainable future which is also presented as new blog description text: "Educational Games and 2D Animation". This new direction will provide some clear goals for this blog and my personal contribution to programming and animation world. More narrow niche means better posts and more results. I would like to promise at least three two new posts per month for first three months of 2014.

If you are involved in making Educational Games, not only using Flash but any tool available and you are interested in SmartBoard Games, let me know and leave your blog/website link. If you are 2D Animator and you have job to offer don't hesitate to tell me about it :)


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