Facebook Desktop Application built with Adobe AIR

When I read about Facebook Desktop my first thoughts were, this is like TweetDeck, but for Facebook!

Facebook Desktop application is developed by Charles Bihis and it is written in Adobe AIR, which means if you want to install it, you need to have AIR on your computer version 1.5 at least. However, installation process is painless and quick.

Application current version is 0.83, so I guess you can't expect much from it. After you install the alication and allow it to connect with every aspect of your Facebook profile, you will get nice little blue square in your system tray. Great! Even beter, every once and a while, square will pop up notifications from your Facebook stream. This means no more boring logins via browser? Not quite. For now you will only be notified about new stories, but in order to read them you will still have to go there and do it 'manually'.

If you have missed something while paying pizza delivery boy you have option to replay last five notifications in any time. No more excuses to do your job! However, you are not completely blind with Facebook Desktop, because you can update your status with it.

It will be interesting to see future developments of this useful application and I hope many more improvements.

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