Enter your choice now: Adobe or Apple?

There's a war out there and the end of it is far beyond horizon. Wounded developers soldiers on both sides, waiting for next battle while Generals are drinking wine somewhere in the castle tower and looking at the battlefield plans. Off course, everyone knows that war is pointless, but ... wait, what? You don't?

o Thoughts on Flash by Steve Jobs
o On Adobe, Flash CS5 and iPhone Applications by Mike Chambers
o Is Flash Dead Yet? by Scott Schiller
o The iPad provides the ultimate browsing experience? by Lee Brimelow

Main question is why this clash happened at first place and who is target audience: consumers, businesses or developers? So, what are they saying if asked to choose between Adobe or Apple:

- consumers - I don't care, but it must be cool
- businesses - I don't care, but it must work
- developers - I do care, but I'm not 100% sure why :)

My choice? Google.

There is no choice, only toilet paper.


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  1. And Google supports Flash (Flash player 10.1 on Android and built-in plugin in Chrome)

    So a vote for Google will be more likely a vote for Adobe.


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