ActionScript3.0 Triangle Class

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This post will introduce custom ActionScript3.0 Triangle class and next post will show you how to use it with Pyramide class to draw a pyramid using one Point and pyramid height as only parameters. Triangle class is very simple. It uses 3 Point parameters and one Boolean parameter.

public function Triangle(a:Point, b:Point, c:Point, d:Boolean)

Parameter d acts as flag, if you make it TRUE triangle will be drawn on stage with predefined color using 3 Point parameters, but if you make it FALSE, triangle will be crated but it will not appear on the stage right away. This option is added if you want to change triangle color before adding it visually. Now, here is

package com.blogspot.flanture.triangles
import flash.geom.Point;
import flash.display.Sprite;

public class Triangle extends Sprite
private var _a:Point;
private var _b:Point;
private var _c:Point;
private var _draw:Boolean;
private var _color:uint = 0x0000ff;

public function set color(newcolor:uint):void
_color = newcolor;
public function get color():uint
return _color;
public function set draw(newdraw:Boolean):void
_draw = newdraw;
public function get draw():Boolean
return _draw;

public function Triangle(a:Point, b:Point, c:Point, d:Boolean)
_a = a;
_b = b;
_c = c;
_draw = d;

// draw it if required
if(_draw) {


public function drawIt():void
{;;;, _a.y);, _b.y);, _c.y);, _a.y);;

Now we need some example to see if it works OK. Create new document and enter next code:

import com.blogspot.flanture.triangles.Triangle;

for (var i:uint=0; i<20; i++) {
var t:Triangle = new Triangle(grp(), grp(), grp(), true)

// get random Point
function grp():Point {
var xp:Number = Math.random()*stage.stageWidth;
var yp:Number = Math.random()*stage.stageHeight;
return new Point(xp, yp);

You will get 20 random position blue triangles on stage. If you want to change color, before addChild() method put t.color = newcolor; where newcolor is 0x000000 format.


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  1. You should check the drawTriangles method, which is one of the major additions to the Graphics API in Flash Player 10.


    With it you can do all sort of interesting things, such as


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