Thank you for 2009.

This year was successful for me both in my private life and outside of it. I got job promotion back in January and I didn't s... it up, which is kinda surprise for me :) When I think about it, now when this year is almost at its end, it was one of the best years recently.

My hobby in blogging and Flash has reached the point when I really feel I can advance very fast and learn new staff quickly, so for next year I'm making one extra step. Although, this road was bumpy and few times I almost dropped it all (blogging + Flash), somehow I always found my way back. I guess I'm more addicted than I realized it!

Actually, the main reason for constantly coming back is YOU! Thousands of readers every month is not something I can ignore, so thank you all for reading my blog. I wish you all happy New Year and good health.

See you in 2010.


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