15 websites where you can submit Flash tutorials

Blogosphere is like Universe itself. Almost endless. Searching for good content can be imposible task and this just might be the reason why not many people know about your great blog, awesome posts and incredible Flash tutorials. However, there are shortcuts inside Blogosphere (just like wormholes in space-time), and those can bring you closer to your readers in no time. These shortcuts are Flash tutorials directories, places where you can submit your work and places where people often search for content just like yours.

My experience is limited to pixel2life for now, but that's why I'm writing this post, as self-reference of where to submit all those Flash tutorials. My profile at pixel2life consist of 7 tutorials + 1 in approval queue. I have 5000+ views from them. Not bad.

Here is the list of 15 places where you can submit your Flash Tutorials:

1. Pixel2life
2. FlashDesignerZone
3. FlashPerfection
4. BeeDigital (earn $20 per tutorial)
5. FlashAdvisor
6. NewGrounds
7. TutPlus
8. MyFlashTutorials
9. AdobeFlashPack
10. CreateBlog
11. TutorialGuide
12. TutorialOutpost
13. InfiniteeDesigns
14. Tutorialized
15. Flashkid

Do you know another one? If you do, please do tell me about it.


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  1. Thanks for the links. I've been looking for communities to get involved with, and it's surprisingly hard to find a compiled list of sites that let you submit flash tutorials.


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