12 New Free Flash Analog Clocks

Back in July when I started new blog with free Flash clocks, my goal was to create one new clock per day. I knew this goal is very high, but I needed it in order to do as many of them as possible. It is the only way to make progress and to some extend I did it because there is huge difference in design between first clocks and latest ones. Actually, design is all progress for now. All clocks are analog, but I do plan to make digital one also.

My latest analog clock has taken my experience one step further because it is first animated free Flash clock at Flash2nd. I would like to explore animations within these small Flash widgets and to extend this category as much as possible.

Until today 43 clocks are published. Flash2nd blog has sidebar Top Downloads section (updated weekly) with number of downloads and reference to last week position:

= - same position as last week
A - going up
V - going down
o - new clock on the list

These numbers are just one feature of many useful ones my clocks storage Box.net has.

During these almost 3 months I have introduced new blog header which I'm really proud of, linkWithin widget that does excellent job on blogs with images in every post and even joined Entrecard community. My current plans are to continue with making free Flash clocks until 100 of them and then we will see what to do next.

You can download all 43 clocks from Flash2nd or just take these 12 top downloaded free Flash clocks. You are free to do with them whatever you want, but you can't sell them, modify them or claim it's your work. Thanks.

Image below shows some clocks that didn't get into Top Downloads.

free flash clocks

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  1. hai am arun
    i am created a simple game using flash 8 how can add its on ny blog and how can i create a dwnld btn for that one

  2. hi Arun,

    Use any of free Flash hosting services with hotlinking (google them). If you want to allow your readers to download your game you should zip it, upload it somewhere and offer button link on your blog. What kind of game are you making? I would like to play it.



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