Flash Pixel Explosion Tutorial

Well, kinda tutorial. First of all, check out Xuroq, Open Source Flash Solutions website. All code downloaded from there is open source, which means you can use it in whatever way you want, but for the sake of honesty and brighter future don't claim it's yours, that's very 20th century attitude.

What I'm interested in right now is Flash Pixel Explosion 151 kb file. Download it and extract anywhere on your hard disk, let's say new folder \kaboom. Inside \kaboom folder you will find two new folders \kaboom\com and \kaboom\gs and two additional files kaboom.swf and kaboom.fla. Latest one can be opened with Flash CS3. Do it.

Open document Library if it isn't already open and locate xuroqflash.png file. This is the one we will change first. If you right click on file name and choose properties you can see image dimensions are 415x100. Create new image with same dimensions with your favorite image editing software.

Import your new image to Library with File _ Import _ import to library. Next we will replace images. Double click 'clip' library item to edit. Select previous bitmap image and delete it. Drag from the library you new image and place it approximately in same position as Xuroq image. Save file with different name and test it.

You can also edit 'btn' movie clip, add action buttons or just edit text like me.


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