Favorite ActionScript Version - Part III

Kirupa Chinnathambi have posted a comment on my discussion about Favorite AS version. I think his opinion is valuable and I will extract it here. I used Kirupa's forum in my research and he felt like he has something to say about it.


Hi Flanture!
Interesting analysis, though I think you are narrowing your sample by focusing exclusively on the forums of kirupa.com and AS.org. With regards to the kirupa.com forums and their coverage of AS3 topics, it is a chicken/egg situation.

The kirupa.com content, which draws most of the users to the forums, is still largely focused on ActionScript 2. Unless there really is more AS3 content, there is a good chance there will not be more AS3-related questions.

Content on the site, though, is largely fed from questions posted on the forums. Without sufficient AS3-related questions, it is tough for me to focus on writing AS3 content when AS2 questions dominate and require further elaboration in article form.

But, I also feel that AS3 adoption is slow is because it left a lot of designers behind. Developers jumped at AS3, for many of them liked its familiarity with more modern programming languages.

Designers rarely wrote application-level code, so AS1/AS2 with all of their faults was good enough for them. Unlike the transition from AS1->AS2 where where applications could be written using a mix of both AS1 and AS2, AS3 is all or nothing. You have to use the AS3 style/naming/syntax for all code if you want to use the new virtual machine and all of its goodies.

Kirupa :)

Interesting thoughts about difference between designers and developers and their use of ActionScript versions. Does this mean that most of designers will stay with Flash8 for some time or they already have their hands on CS3? Maybe this is the question for another research...

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