Howto: Flash content on Blogger's blog

Few days ago I wrote about how simple is to put flash content on your Blogger's blog because it uses only embed tag. Tim e-mailed me for details, so here they are.

How to put flash content on your Blogger's blog? Just use code shown on picture.

code explanation:

1 - Change "{swf url}" with url of your swf, hosted on PhotoBucket or wherever.
2 - Color for background.
4 - Here you can change width and height according to your flash file sizes.
6 - You can use "adobe" instead of "macromedia" if you like.

That's all, actually. Feel free to ask anything about this subject. Thanks.
I apologize for poor image quality, but you can download it for better view.

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  1. I always get a "unable to load xml file" error...

  2. Ricardo, search code in your flash file and find out from where xml is being loaded. Relationship of your SWF and XML files must remain.

    If you still have problems, contact me via email with detail of your problem, so I can take a look.

  3. I'm having problems using the code. blogger is showing the code instead of the slideshow. Also I want to upload a flash photo slideshow, how to go about uploading the photos to googlepages?


  4. Hello socksiong,

    Your code has error, you didn't close your first embed tag! Just close it and post it again.

    You upload photos on googlepages in same way like you upload swf files, just login to your account and upload it directly from your computer.


  5. Hey Flanture, I read your post about the flash embed in blog,
    but I can't make it why ?

    My blog is

    I wish to put a flash as flash banner for this blog, but i can't figured it out because i do not know XML.

    I did follow your print screen code and put in the xml but it shown error.

    any tips ?
    your helps really needed

  6. Hi dude, I just want to ask you how to embed the flash menu on blogger which is keep coming even when we scroll down the page on the blogspot.
    I,ve just upload the flash menu onto photobucket but still, the flash keep going up when I scroll my blogger page. So I've just remove it. Can you help? thx

  7. @Ray I wrote about it, photobucket don't support flash files any more, just use some other hosting service. I use googlepages as my storage. Thanks for your comment.


  8. Dear flanture

    I have followed exactly your instruction of posting a .swf file on googlepages. However, I could not find the embedding address of the file although have right clicked on the file. Please advise. Thannks

  9. let's say your blog is: and your swf is: sun.swf

    then url you need is:


  10. This has worked great, thanks! However, is there a way I can add a line of script that will enable anyone clicking on the flash to be automatically directed to the website?

  11. You can do it within Flash if you have source file, solution is different for AS2 and AS3. If you are wondering if there is a way to do it outside Flash, you can use JavaScript.

    Anyway, nowadays for embeding Flash just use (while it still exists :)


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