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I have been reading a little bit about how to place Flash content on your Blogger's blog. It is actually very easy. Technique uses only embed tag. Flash swf file can be placed anywhere you want, one of those places is PhotoBucket. Yes, I didn't know that they can host flash file along with images.

I have made small widget-like image gallery, but this is very work-in-progress version and have many bugs. But, yes it works ok. You can see it at the bottom of 3dmaps blog sidebar. You can control rotation speed of images with mouse movement.

Rotation is not perfect, because code is just stupid. I wanted to see if it will work. I will make corrections, so widget will be independent from number of images. Also I will improve looks, maybe add some nice effect etc.

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  1. Thanks!!!!!! This was really useful post for me!!!! I was looking a place to host and display SWF! Thank you!


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