Flash Image Gallery Widget

Widget-like image gallery is still work in progress, but functionality is now good enough. File is most suitable for blog sidebar. Code is small, only 60 lines and only 3 functions: move(), adjust() and setToStage().

If you would like to have this gallery for free (with your images, off course) on your blog, email me at flanture [at] gmail. You can have as many images as you like. Colors and links customized.

Next, I will do is stop and resume rotation functions, scale images on sides, info button. Later on I'll try to make xml driven component from it.

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to say you have some talent with the flash designs you make, the slideshow looks really authentic.


  2. Thanks Max,

    I'm still learning but I'm very dedicated and I really enjoy AS and Flash.


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