apollo apps collection

There are still small number of apollo applications out there. Some new websites like apolloapps.com and apollohunter.com are trying to collect all those new air files in one place.

I have tried so far about 20 apollo apps and one game. Many are still betas, but some already have nice functions. I have prepared something for those who want to try apollo for first time.
I have made small collection of apollo applications (various authors). All apps are free to use. There are 10 apps inside zip file and complete collection is only 3 Mb. Offcourse, you'll need apollo runtime.

My favorite ones are fresh, lookup and apollobook. This is list of apollo applications you will download:

ApolloTwitter.air 268 kb
Ascension-0.6.air 425 kb
Fresh.air 525 kb
Lookup.air 322 kb
Tweetr.air 263 kb
YoutubePlayer.air 286 kb
Apollobook.air 206 kb
ASCodeAnalyzer.air 295 kb
ProjectTracker.air 351 kb
MyUrlShortener.air 241 kb
All 3.1 Mb
Enjoy !

Please, note that I'm not author of those applications and I don't accept ANY responsibility for ANY damage made by those apps. All apps are downloaded from above websites. Thanks.

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