8 Most Used Python IDEs or Editors by Developers

What is your favorite Python IDE/Editor? 

This question is particularly important among programming beginners. Very often they wanna know what editor is used among senior developers, so they can choose the right tools for their struggle ahead.

Maybe it is about saving some time in learning only one specific IDE. 

Options for Python programming environment are many.

There are advanced IDEs with introspection based code and integrated debugger like Thonny, NetBeans, PyCharm, PyStudio, Exedore for Mac OS X and others.

There are IDEs like Komodo, Aptana Studio 3, Pcode, eric with introspection based code or integrated debugger and some of them are open source, some commercial.

There are also IDEs with integrated GUI builder like BoaConstructor, Visual Python or MonkeyStudio.

Even more options are available when we talk about Python Editors. There are many multiplatform editors but also platform specific like Beaver for Unix or Notepad++ for Windows or Coda and XCode for Mac.

Most used Python IDE or Editor in 2020

Here are results for most used Python IDE or Editor by developers so far in 2020 according to poll conducted in one of the largest FB Python Developers community.

As you can see from this graph, clear winners are Visual Studio Code and PyCharm. Both of these tools are used by one third of all Python developers.

VS Code is used just slightly more than PyCharm 35% against 31%.

Other IDEs or Editors worth mentioning are Jupyter Notebook with 9%, Spyder with 8%, Sublime Text with 7%, Atom with 5%, IDLE which comes with Python 3% and VIM 2%.

So, what's yours favorite Python IDE or Editor?


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