Game Engine for first 2D HTML Game

It is expected that Global Game Market Revenue in 2020 will be around $160Bn with projected growth in 2021. and 2022. 

This means it was never better time to start with game development. 

But how to start if you are solo developer?

Game Engine for first 2D HTML Game

Recently I asked on Twitter "What would you recommend to someone who wants to make 2D HTML game as a beginner?

Here are voting results:

Clear winner here is Godot engine, however only 3 options were available and maybe if there were more, maybe the end result would be different.

Here are some of the comments I received.

@indiedevnet wrote:

IMO Phaser will give you a solid appreciation for what you need to build for any game, whereas something like GameMaker or Godot abstract a bit. But maybe you don't want to make the lower level stuff, in which case GameMaker is great for beginners. 

@eric81766 said:

I'd prefer Godot to Phaser in general because it seems to me that learning Godot is a bit more versatile. For a first game: whatever takes best advantage of what you already know since the "making a game" part is going to require a lot of thinking/learning.

and @qubet_b commented:

I recommend prototyping in RPG Maker MV and making your official product in Game Maker Studio 2. 

As I said, there were only 3 options to Poll question, but so many engines available. After some searching online there was IMO one other candidate not mentioned here which is also very good option for first 2D HTML game if you are solo developer - Gdevelop 5.

I'm not going into details here but I need to mention that after only 2 hours of working with Gdevelop5 I have simple working HTML game with 5 levels, ready to be played.

That means I guess I'll spend some more time on this engine and maybe I can produce few games and tutorials which I will post here.

What would You recommend as first engine to use?

Thank you.


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