13 January 2019

Resources for Phaser game makers


Just a quick recommendation for those of you who use Phaser for game development. Apart from Phaser home site, there is a Facebook group Phaser Game Makers currently with over 1k members. 

Group is created by William Clarkson, online instructor who published good books and have courses about making games in Phaser. Visit his site for Phaser tutorials. He also offers free Phaser Template for you to start working on your game, check Toolbox / downloads section. Great way to jump start with development.

Thanks, have fun.

09 January 2019

Some promising indie gamedev work in progress

Hello again.

There are plenty of new games releases every week, nobody can keep track on them. Unfortunately, majority of games are copycats or just bad school projects when it comes to indie gamedev scene. Nothing wrong there, but who has time to lose on something that is not fun to play.

If something catch my eye, whether it's great graphics or original idea I would like to support the developer(s) and hope they will finish the project.

First game I would like to see is Arrow Rider by Whistling Wizard ( @wwgamingnz ) team from New Zealand. Art is fun and gameplay looks ok.

Another very interesting project is this hand-drawn HOA the game ( @hoathegame ) which really looks awesome.

Thanks. Have fun.


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