28 March 2014

Tennis Stats Flash Animation Without Ana Ivanovic

This is my latest. It's not quite finished yet. Tennis stats animation is suppose to be collection of fictional tennis match animation panels with different statistical information displayed in appropriate form. Some panels are actually static but most are animated. They are all more or less based on real-life examples and can be modified to receive and display real match data.

Tennis Stats Animation

There are four panels right now, ones you can see on image above. Will add more later. Instead of currently displayed text "tennis stats animation" first plan was to create woman tennis silhouette in "waiting for serve" pose and animate it. My model was off course Ana Ivanovic, the most beautiful tennis player ever and as you can guess my "Ana playing" folder with video files became very heavy right away, but I just can't choose which file to use :) I'm working on it.

Your thoughts about it and how to improve it? (I mean animation off course, you just can't improve Ana)




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