17 February 2013

Pure Citrus madness

As I can see from my first readings Flash game development market is huge, even growing on web and devices. Facebook is pretty big market. Pure madness.

Many are talking about Citrus engine which also uses Stage3D, Starling, Away3D, Box2D and NAPE. It seems like they are moving forward very fast. Citrus is higher level layer above mentioned libraries, which makes gamedev process easier.

Complete SWC engine with all extra libraries included in about 2.5 Mb available from downloads page and full API docs are easy to find.

Here is only one of many examples of how game may work if it is made using Citrus Engine.

New market files: Breakout Game Starter Kit | Top Down Shooter Kit


16 February 2013

Is Flash still alive?

I don't really know what happened, where was I and this blog for the past two years. It's like some space-time wormhole got me into its unimaginable depths and spit me out a couple of days ago.

Anyway, you can all assume I was in another dimension or something (I wanted to say prison but then I realized I could have had computer and Internet access inside it, so that's not good excuse) because I didn't touch Flash, web or mobile development or anything similar all this time! I know it sound incredible but it's true.

This means first I'll have to see what in the world happened with Flash in all this time :) Is it still alive and can I countinue with it?

I can see from my stats people still visit this blog quite often, so I guess there are some good info here for you to read and enjoy. If I need some help in catching up with new stuff don't be a stranger and help me out!

You can still connect with me via Twitter or Facebook page.



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