17 April 2012

Using Adobe Bridge as SVG preview tool

I'm working on Windows most of the time and it was disappointing to me when I realized I can't preview vector SVG files in Windows Explorer using Thumbnails view. Other image files like JPG and GIF are OK, but SVG just doesn't fit. There is one solution in a form of Explorer plugin called Renesis plugin, but it doesn't work in 100% cases.

However, Adobe Bridge allows you to preview SVG files and you can have even more control with it. When closing Bridge remembers last accessed folder, so you can have your Projects folder available at simple mouse double-click.

From image above you can notice 3 important areas, content area, which represents your project folder, preview area and metadata file information area. Preview are is not fixed, you can change it to suit your needs. If you select multiple files from your content area, all of them will be included in preview.

One more trick, Bridge preview area has useful magnifying glass tool which you can easily move around. 



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