27 May 2011

Wonderfl Flash Online Community

This post title is not misspelled. Wonderfl is the name of online Flash / ActionScript community with a collaboration on open source projects as primary goal.

Wonderfl is actually more than just a community, it is mature online Flash IDE. You are invited to fork any existing code and continue with adding new features. You can also download to your computer your project version or start new project from scratch.

If you are more interested in game development there is special part of the community Wonderlf Flash Games where you can use Platform features to create, edit or play online Flash games.

Wonderfl is created and operated by Japan based Kayac company.



Ant said...

Nice find :)

Let's hope they release a full English version

SikoTiko said...

This is cool! You can post your code and then somebody can adjust it and test it online. Thank you for sharing it!


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