15 April 2011

Average Flash Games Developer

MochiMedia has conducted survey of Flash games market for 2010. Let me present few key points about average Flash games developer for last year.

Our average Flash games developer is 'he' in 97% of the cases and only 3% is 'she'. He is around 24 years old and he is most likely from United States.

Average Flash games developer doesn't create Flash games full time, it's mostly a part time activity and he develops Flash games for 2 years using ActionScript 3.0 and during that time he has developed 3-4 full games. Each of those games got about 200.000 plays during its lifetime. He is most like working by himself.

Coding and game design are best aspects of his game creation process. Average Flash games developer needs 1-2 months to create single game. He makes up to $500 for that game.

I've mentioned how our average Flash game developer comes from United States, however, there is evident raise in number of developers from non-western countries comparing to last year:

o Russia 6% (up 2%)
o Ukraine 4% (up 2%)
o India 4% (up 3%)
o Brazil 3% (up 1%)
o Indonesia 3% (up 1%)

This is reasonable raise because average $500 for a single game in US/UK maybe is not big deal and may be considered as small bonus, but in Indonesia and India this is good money. Conclusion is that Flash games market is maturing and moving fast from hobby to real business which is good news for both players and developers.




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