29 October 2010

Free Flash + AS3 + Flex Tutorials e-book

About two months ago I published my first e-book on Lulu. At first, idea was to create collection of better tutorials from this blog, which I'm writing for the past 3 and a half years. Initially, there was a small price under 5 bucks, but two months later I sold only 1 copy, so I decided to give it away for free. Actually, I wasn't selling the book, it was more like a small-donation-model to keep my blog running.

Right now, you can download the book from LULU pages or from Scribd.

As previously planned I'll update my e-book every 3-4 months with new tutorials and maybe few not available on this blog :)



Sean said...

That looks like a great ebook. I've just downloaded it to read on my iPod Touch. Thanks for sharing it and making it so easy to enjoy your work.


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