28 August 2010

Interactive Flash Banner Game Example

Online advertising world has seen clear evolution path from text links via static and annoying dynamic banner to interactive banners and beyond. Nobody is immune to banners, advertiser have 'faith' in them, some users hate them, some find them useful. Whatever you feel about banners they are here to stay in one form or another.

With Flash, banners have introduced fun in advertising equation. But there are two kinds of Flash banners, playable and not playable ones. Not playable banners use only Flash animation power to attract visitors and in most cases users do feel deluded about the experience.

With original, not-generic playable banner you can do much more. Good advice is to give user an option (after playing the game) to click or not to click. After experiencing some new and interactive stuff, user is usually open and exited to new content and if landing page offers 'next level' of experience (or game) even better!

Here is one simple example of interactive Flash banner game. Click on letters to form a word.

Have you clicked on continue?

If you need interactive Flash banner game, contact me, I'm open for freelance work.




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