07 August 2010

Indie Games Development - Solo vs Team

In the latest July 2010 issue number 107 of [games] develop magazine, Sophie Houlden speaks about her way into indie game development. Article titled "You can do it" starts with: "Sophie Houlden hasn’t spent a penny on tools to make her indie games – she just rolled up her sleeves and got on with it". Inspiring story.

However, I don't think that's the right way to do it. Few of us went there and never returned. Making it on your own can have just a few positive consequences, ego tripping is one. Financial gain? Hardly. Chances for you to make good money as one-man-team developer are so small, you'll be better off playing lottery.

But main loss is learning. Fact is - you will learn much more in a team about tools, code practices and everything else than by doing it by yourself. I don't even want to mention importance of being around other people during those long hours ... What can you learn by taking solo project except for how to take more solo projects?

I don't have anything against indie games development, quite opposite, but my advice is always work in a team. Why? Well, if project doesn't succeed, at least you had your fun - and you do have fun while making games, right?



James bradfield said...

Let me say, I've worked in game development for about 4 years, and solo vs team really comes down to how well managed the team is.


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