11 August 2010

Flash Comics Album version 2.0

First steps with Flash Comics Album were taken back in May 2007. Right now, I'm moving all my previously done stuff towards AS3 version and if it is possible improvements will be included also. If you wanna read more, here are all previous posts about Comic Album.

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Comic Album v2.0 is intended for comic/strip artists who want to present their work on the web. Application reads external assets and they include configuration XML file and images. Main feature of Comic Album is it allows you to present comic in two modes, with and without text bubbles. This is why every comic scene comes with two images. One image is scene itself and can be jpg, gif, png and second image is transparent png which presents only text.

User can turn text on/off, enjoy whole thing or only look at images. Example file use fixed size 400x300 pixels images, but on request this can be altered.

How to use Comics Album 2.0

First, you need to download example files to your computer. Replace images inside assets folder with your own images. Then open comic.xml file with any text editor. Change 'scene' and 'txt' attributes of page tags to correspond to your files names. Upload swf and assets folder to your website and embed into desired page.

If you need different size album, some extra features or you have suggestions how to improve this version, feel free to comment or send me e-mail. This version doesn't include error checking code, so you have to be careful to have proper xml file and images. Also, idea is to have small images, few Kb per image, so album doesn't come with preloaders.




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