20 May 2010

How to start with PaperVision3D

While searching for some instructions on how to start with PaperVision3D for complete idiots there were few very good and few outdated places. One very detailed set of tutorials starting with Papervision 3D Programming Tutorial written in September 2009 doesn't work with Flex 4 SDK, but requires older compiler version or changing some of the code provided.

Getting Started with PaperVision3D

Most useful tutorial I found on downloading and installing PaperVision3D came from YouTube. This 9 minutes video is walk-through of how to find and install Tortoise SVN, how to use it to download PaperVision3D files and how to start new Flex project using those files.

Video is narated by Amanda V. from Northern Kentucky University, Office of Instructional Design.

Another option is to setup Papervision3D in FlashDevelop and explore some cool PaperVision3D examples . Feel free to share a link or two with PaperVision3D Tutorials. Thanks.




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