06 April 2010

AS3 Spiderweb Workshop

If you have read about improved spiderweb AS3 class here is a little tool I made to make things easier. This visual toy will allow you to create your own spiderweb fast.

Right now, there isn't size limit, so your creation will go out of borders if not appropriate parameters are used. In some future version I'll include size limit plus I'll add maybe save feature. Stay tuned. Share if you find it interesting.

Click on image to download spiderweb workshop utility which is only 3Kb.



Tyler said...

This is really well done. After playing with it for a while I see several different scenarios it could be used. Such as a car rim designer, dynamic dart board shapes, custom kaleidoscopes, different sorts of clocks. I'm mostly thinking for gaming purposes, but nonetheless awesome work.

flanture said...

hello Tyler,

thanks for your comment I really appreciate it, especially because first I offered it to ActiveDen, they refuse it and I wasn't sure if anyone will have any use of it



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