15 March 2010

Flash Widgets Promotion Model

As you probably already know, besides my personal Flash Platform Adventures represented on this blog, which includes recent AS3 learning experiments and gamedev efforts, one of my projects is also Free Flash Clocks blog. Flash2nd blog already hosts 58 free clocks. All those clocks are available for download, so anyone can use it on their own website or blog as Flash widget.

There are several good ways for widgets promotion, besides your own blog(s). First obvious one is social networking websites. Twitter is good choice if you have established account with few thousands of real followers in related field. Another good choice is Facebook where you can create new related group, join existing one or even better, you can create fan page. However, you will need to spend some time on promoting and marketing.

There are solutions where you can achieve good results very quickly and with no investment at all, Flash widgets directories like Widgetbox and Widgipedia. Take a look at Flash2nd's widgets page on Widgipedia. Currently there are 7 clocks uploaded. Here are current stats with number of views and installs for every clock:

flash widgets stats image
This result is very good since it didn't required any extra work. Uploading is simple and it took only few seconds and because those directories have lots of daily visitors entire promotion work is done for you. Like in blogging if you have unique kind of widgets in niche category you might grab even more attention.

Some developers sell their widgets for a price, but this model can help them too. Why not consider lighter widget version with reduced functionality and widgets directories promotion? If customer finds light version useful there is good possibility he will be ready to pay for full version.




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