28 February 2010

Make fun not money

Flanture enters game development arena. This is not surprise since there were few similar attempts in the past, but all failed due to lack of patience. Also, all previous attempts were done using AS2 but this one is pure AS3 OOP approach. As more and more stuff I learn I need some project to be occupied with and Flash game is one of the best out there.

Collaboration is also something I'm thinking about. Over at Kongregate Collab forum I was disappointed to discover how all new teams are made by kids 14-18 years old and their first thought is "we will split the money we'll make with this game". I'm not here for the money. I have my day job outside of Flash world and this is only my hobby and off course my passion, so I want to make a game(s) I will enjoy playing all over again. It's about FUN.

Working title for my first Flash AS3 game is The Last Dawn shooting/action/tank game. You will see progress of developing at the bottom of left sidebar. Deadline is Jun 30 2010. I'll start with Zedia's AS3 port of Feronato's artillery tutorial and build from there. This is a solo project, but I'm open for any kind of casual team development for another game.




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