04 January 2010

HowTo create Flash video captions using Subtitle Workshop

My choice for creating Flash video captions is simple work-flow which uses Subtitle Workshop, free subtitle editor. I'm using software version 2.51 which has support for 56 different formats, but doesn't have support for TT format (Timed Text), W3C standard used for Flash video files. More about Timed Text specifications.

However, you can very easily find this format support and implement it into Subtitle Workshop. Learn about integration. Bottom line is you only need single .cfp (custom format) file.

What you do after downloading this 1 Kb file is unzipp it and move to ...\URUSoft\Subtitle Workshop\CustomFormats folder. Open your Subtitle Workshop software, go to File - New Subtitle and create few dummy lines. When you need to save, choose Save as - custom formats and select (or load) your new TT format.

That's all there is about it, you are ready to make captions with you home made videos. Multilingual support is available.



Richard Gatarski said...

Thank you! I had great value from your instructions when adopting my subtitle files for the new support of .tt at Blip.tv, see http://support.blip.tv/entries/260940-subtitles-for-blip-tv-player?page=1#post_445081


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