17 November 2009

Simple Transparent AIR desktop ... thing

I read all those news about Adobe AIR and I check out new applications, even use few of them right now, but I haven't done much AIR coding myself. I wanted to change this sad fact and make my own 'hello world' AIR app, something very basic.

My reference was Adobe AIR for JavaScript developers, pocket guide. In this book, there is an example for hello world app using html page as content, but instead I wanted to include one of my previously made SWF files as main content, Windmill Simulation. Just as a test I'll take transparent background, so I need to modify my file a little bit, to remove gradient background and put new background behind controls.

AirWindmillSimulation.xml code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/1.0">
<name>Windmill Simulation</name>
<description>Desktop Windmill Simulation</description>

<title>Windmill Simulation</title>

I have SDK installed a long time ago and now all I have to do is type: adl airwindmillsimulation.xml within shell. Here is how it looks on my desktop, above Milky Way Center background.

adobe air application example
I need to change few more things so I can use this code in other projects, like drag and drop functionality and rezise feature. For 'hello world' - it's great!




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