03 November 2009

AS3.0 Flash Preloader With Moving TextField

This simple ActionScript3.0 preloader has two graphic elements, gradient filled loading bar and text field 'loadedTF'. Code contains two functions, progressFunction and completeFunction. Variable named 'percent' inside progressFunction can have values between 0.0 and 1.0. Since loading bar graphic width = 300 we use single line code:

loadedTF.x = percent * 300;

to move our text field along with loading bar, which we animate using scaleX property.

as3 flash preloader
Dummy page.swf which this preloader uses is small only 22kb, so in order to see preloader working you will have to use view - simulate download when you test preloader movie.

as3 flash preloader
If you have any questions, leave comment.


p.s. this is post number 200 !!!



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