07 October 2009

Free Microblog Flash Widget v1.0

Microblog is Flash widget that represents tiny version of blog or website. It can be embedded on blog sidebar or as standalone application. Microblog is XML based widget. Entire content is stored and controlled from external data.xml file. You don't need any previous Flash knowledge to change the content. Simply, by changing text inside data.xml widget is updated.

Main text field is scrollable. Use up and down triangles on right to navigate current page. If page has long text then navigation is there to help. You can also expand main text filed by clicking on rectangle placed between navigation triangles. Clicking again on same rectangle will shrink text field to it's original size.

When user click on page title, Microblog takes him to original blog page or custom web location. Links are also stored inside XML file.

On the left side of the widget you can load preview images in few formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF and even SWF. Preview files should be 60 x 60 pixels. Microblog free Flash widget is resizable. Original size is 250 x 125 pixels.

Download archive file which includes: microblog.swf, data.xml, folder Images and help.pdf file with instructions on how to use and modify Microblog widget content. No Flash knowledge is required.

Microblog movie clip contains link to this blog.

You are free to use Microblog Flash Widget in any way you desire as long you don't sell it, claim it's your work, modify or use source without author permission.

For custom solution and support please contact.




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