25 September 2009

Thiefs among us (stolen content)

This is screenshot of completely stolen post from this blog. Here is my original post and here is the location of stolen content *. Post is 100% stolen, even swf example and source. Off course, no contact information on thief's blog, but since it's on Blogger and he uses AdSense I know who should I contact about it.

I don't mind fair use with back link, but this is really ridiculous.

* UPDATE: issue resolved - content removed by blog author.



Anonymous said...

The fucker

flanture said...

btw, I found out who he is and I'm really disappointed he represents himself as web developer and css master, but yet he has several of this blogs with stolen content.

I have send him the letter to remove this content and if he doesn't do it, I'll have to go public with this.

What would you do?

Jon said...

sorry Flanture

i have deleted all your content. please review. some user uploaded all these content by mistake.

now everything is fine.. hope you don't mind.

Thanks for your patience


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