26 September 2009

Windmill Farm Flash Animation

This next Flash animation is about clean energy sources, renewable energy, green technology. It represents windmill farm. Animated elements are windmills themselves, but also clouds are moving in same direction and with slightly different speed to create realistic effect.

File is suitable for ecology and related blogs and websites, various presentation projects, etc. This Flash file is free to use in non-commercial projects. Uploaded zip archive contains 6 Kb Windmill Farm Flash Animation and readme.txt file with more information about the file.

Windmill Farm Flash Animation is inspired by one of the posts from March this year Free Flash Windmill Simulation File (downloaded over 400 times). Leave comment with your thoughts and suggestions.

Animation image preview:

Windmill Farm Animation preview

25 September 2009

Thiefs among us (stolen content)

This is screenshot of completely stolen post from this blog. Here is my original post and here is the location of stolen content *. Post is 100% stolen, even swf example and source. Off course, no contact information on thief's blog, but since it's on Blogger and he uses AdSense I know who should I contact about it.

I don't mind fair use with back link, but this is really ridiculous.

* UPDATE: issue resolved - content removed by blog author.


21 September 2009

12 New Free Flash Analog Clocks

Back in July when I started new blog with free Flash clocks, my goal was to create one new clock per day. I knew this goal is very high, but I needed it in order to do as many of them as possible. It is the only way to make progress and to some extend I did it because there is huge difference in design between first clocks and latest ones. Actually, design is all progress for now. All clocks are analog, but I do plan to make digital one also.

My latest analog clock has taken my experience one step further because it is first animated free Flash clock at Flash2nd. I would like to explore animations within these small Flash widgets and to extend this category as much as possible.

Until today 43 clocks are published. Flash2nd blog has sidebar Top Downloads section (updated weekly) with number of downloads and reference to last week position:

= - same position as last week
A - going up
V - going down
o - new clock on the list

These numbers are just one feature of many useful ones my clocks storage Box.net has.

During these almost 3 months I have introduced new blog header which I'm really proud of, linkWithin widget that does excellent job on blogs with images in every post and even joined Entrecard community. My current plans are to continue with making free Flash clocks until 100 of them and then we will see what to do next.

You can download all 43 clocks from Flash2nd or just take these 12 top downloaded free Flash clocks. You are free to do with them whatever you want, but you can't sell them, modify them or claim it's your work. Thanks.

Image below shows some clocks that didn't get into Top Downloads.

free flash clocks

11 September 2009

Flash & Flex Developers Magazine Now Free

Back in May this year I wrote about how dark ages are over, how new magazine entirely dedicated to Flash and Flex community has populated that void space of publications. Good news is - magazine is still around, but even better news is - magazine is now completely free. (sorry, no bad news this time)

Editor Ewa Samulska wrote:

"Making the switch from print to digital publishing is a big step. So here we are – 100% digital publication and best of all it’s FREE – and available worldwide. If I can promise one thing – here it is: Our coverage will not change – it will only be better. Promise! Hopefully you will stay with the magazine and help us create the Best magazine for Flash and Flex Developers in the world."

I think this is just the right step to do and much better business model than subscription. You can download all 7 issues from their website and start exploring right away - I know I am :)

free flash magazines covers

07 September 2009

Curves and Fills with AS3 Drawing API

After I learned to draw straight lines with ActionScript 3.0 it’s time to go further and to see what else can I accomplish using ActionScript 3.0 Drawing API.

There are several built-in functions for drawing simple shapes like drawCircle(), drawEllipse(), drawRect() and drawRoundRect() for rectangles. Since almost every complex shape is some combination of simple ones these functions are solid ground to start with.

One interesting thing about fills is that overlapping shapes change the way fill is displayed. If you have two overlapping circles their intersection is without fill. Take a look at this code:

import flash.display.*;
var d:Sprite = new Sprite();
d.graphics.lineStyle(1, 0x000000);
d.graphics.beginFill(0xff0000, 1);
d.graphics.drawCircle(200, 200, 100);
d.graphics.drawCircle(300, 200, 100);

Result is shown on image below. It seems that any area within even number of shapes is without fill and area within odd number of shapes has its fill intact.

two circles intersection

We have to pay attention about this to avoid unwanted things, but this also can be used to create some interesting effects. Next code uses for loop to draw several overlapping circles:

import flash.display.*;
var d:Sprite = new Sprite();
var i:uint;
d.graphics.lineStyle(1, 0x000000);
d.graphics.beginFill(0xff0000, 1);
for(i= 0; i<10; i++) {
d.graphics.drawCircle(200, 200, (i*5)+50);
d.graphics.drawCircle(300, 200, (i*5)+50);

Here is the output:

multiple circles overlapping

As I mentioned in previous post about drawing, best practice to draw lines and shapes with ActionScript 3.0 is to use rulers or even better plain paper with Flash coordinate system. This advice is valuable even more for drawing curves because you have two extra parameters for control point, its X and Y coordinates. Here is just one example for now, more of them probably in separate post when I have more time.

import flash.display.*;
var d:Sprite = new Sprite();
d.graphics.lineStyle(2, 0x000000);
d.graphics.beginFill(0xff0000, 1);
d.graphics.moveTo(100, 100);
d.graphics.lineTo(200, 100);
d.graphics.curveTo(250, 150, 200, 200);
d.graphics.lineTo(100, 200);
d.graphics.curveTo(-50, 150, 100, 100);
d.graphics.moveTo(200, 100);
d.graphics.curveTo(150, 150, 200, 200);

drawing curves with AS3 API


01 September 2009

15 websites where you can submit Flash tutorials

Blogosphere is like Universe itself. Almost endless. Searching for good content can be imposible task and this just might be the reason why not many people know about your great blog, awesome posts and incredible Flash tutorials. However, there are shortcuts inside Blogosphere (just like wormholes in space-time), and those can bring you closer to your readers in no time. These shortcuts are Flash tutorials directories, places where you can submit your work and places where people often search for content just like yours.

My experience is limited to pixel2life for now, but that's why I'm writing this post, as self-reference of where to submit all those Flash tutorials. My profile at pixel2life consist of 7 tutorials + 1 in approval queue. I have 5000+ views from them. Not bad.

Here is the list of 15 places where you can submit your Flash Tutorials:

1. Pixel2life
2. FlashDesignerZone
3. FlashPerfection
4. BeeDigital (earn $20 per tutorial)
5. FlashAdvisor
6. NewGrounds
7. TutPlus
8. MyFlashTutorials
9. AdobeFlashPack
10. CreateBlog
11. TutorialGuide
12. TutorialOutpost
13. InfiniteeDesigns
14. Tutorialized
15. Flashkid

Do you know another one? If you do, please do tell me about it.



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