06 April 2009

Good Usage of Flex Open Source Component

Ability to be familiar with and to make use of already published open source flex components is very important. This can save time (and money) in developing process to extremes.

Take a look at Flex Image Cropping Component by Paul Whitelock. This useful component is licensed under the MIT license.

flex open source component preview
Another developer has used this crop tool functionality for his own ImageSizer AIR application. Component works perfectly with app idea and instead of building it from the scratch developer (James Ford) has reduced significantly time needed to upgrade his great app.

ImageSizer Adobe AIR application preview
There is no need to start from blank sheet. In fact, reusing existing code, open source components and frameworks is a must, but be careful and try to calculate time needed for mastering those assets. Sometimes it's maybe more productive to build something on your own, but that depends on developer(s) quality and project demands.

How much open source code do you use in your projects and how do you feel about it?




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