02 April 2009

Flanture is now open for Guest Bloggers - get extra exposure

When to allow guest posting? This question requires some analysis about what goals blogger wants to achieve and my goal is simple. While I want to see more Flash Platform related posts on this blog I think it's also important to allow others to get some extra exposure for their ideas. Helping others and injecting some freshness in this blog at the same time.

One of the motives for allowing guest posting on this blog is my recent insight about steady traffic growth over the past few months. Last month (March 2009) Flanture finally reached 10.000 visits and 15.000 page views per month. It's a good milestone to start with something new.

What you'll get? Do the math for yourself, if your post stays on home page for only 10 days, that's at least 3.000 impressions. Plus, additional views many months later. I will never delete your post.

What kind of posts? Anything Flash. This includes but is not limited to: Flash tutorials, ActionScript2.0 or ActionsScript3.0 posts, Flash Authoring Tool posts, Flex, posts about your new cool Flash Template (why not), widgets, Adobe ramblings, news and events, etc ...

Only original thoughts please, no copy/paste techniques and no affiliate links. My idea here is to give back to community and I will not allow free backlink service. You will get single (OK, maybe two) links and that's it.

How? Leave comment, contact via flanture [at] gmail or via twitter.

Share this info, someone may find it useful.



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