14 April 2009

ActionScript3.0 Open Source Flash Charts

If you need to reduce coding time in your Flex / Flash / RIA projects most common solution is to use some open source framework or previously coded stock Flash files. Just a few of those offer such a great option to work with like Open Flash Charts 2 does, with LGPL license.

Version 2 of Open Flash Charts is recoded to ActionScript 3.0 and compiled with Adobe Flex. Data format used is simple to use and widespread JSON. Libraries for other languages already exist if you are more into Ruby, .net, Perl, Java, Pyton, GWT, SmallTalk or Pentaho.

as3.0 open source flash charts logo
Many already use Open Flash Charts and one of the latest is publishing service Triond. They have implemented it just recently as user dashboard information element for tracking visitors and referrals. Really cool addition to their service.




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