17 February 2009

TimeLoc, must-have Freelancer's tool

Desktop gadget for freelancers, TimeLoc created by Rad3, rich Internet applications development team is AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) based app written in Flex Builder. It's purpose is to give freelancers a chance to record accurate time spent on different jobs or projects. One feature is daily or monthly CSV report export capability whether your project is chargeable or not.

Using TimeLoc is easy and straightforward so I'm not gonna type anything about it, but I want to say how this freelancer's tool despite of its small size and limited functions (or maybe just because of them) comes very handy and have easily become one of my must-have freelancers apps.

TimeLoc is helping me do more work. Its pause button allows me to stop recording job time while answering phone or taking quick snack break. Because of this, log is accurate down to the minute and clients get fair price.

favorite freelance tool


Greg H said...

And its free! http://www.rad3.com/timeloc.html

themightyatom said...

I'll give this a try. Otherwise I can highly recommend Klok, which basically does the same thing.
The difference I notice straight away is that Klok allows you to define different tasks within a project, e.g. meetings, coding, etc.
which is actually really nice to have even if you're charging a flat rate for all hours.


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